Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Miles away from a Celtic

We have all read the stories. The knee is better...’I’m moving like I did in high school’. The real question is. Can Celtics fans really believe this guy? Danny Ainge no doubt has done his due diligence on this guy. Former number 3 pick. Used to bang his head a lot...was ran out of Lebron Town...Jail Blazer extraordinaire... The talent is unquestioned. The attitude is unknown.

At a glance this looks like a good signing by Boston, Posey has left town for a little extra security and Mr Ainge wasn’t willing to bet the farm on him being the key some people believe he was. I agreed with Ainge. Of course after a championship not many will disagree.

But Darius Miles doesn’t fit the Celtic mould all too well. The plan is to put him under the player he was compared to coming out of high school Mr Kevin Garnett. Garnett demands 110% from his teammates and he himself is well known for leaving it all out on the floor. What if Darius doesn’t play by KG’s rules? What if this upsets what currently is impeccable team chemistry? Boston fans will only forgive Ainge because has already delivered.

The knee seems to be the main talking point by most. Surely Darius Miles character should come to question just as much. Hopefully they had both have been fully rehabilitated.

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