Tuesday, 23 September 2008

NBA Season Preview: Boston Celtics

After going all the way last season the Celtics biggest hurdle this coming campaign appears to be age. With their 3 superstars all into their 30’s, the big question is can they battle through the rigours of another 82 games season? Not to mention another deep playoff campaign.

Last Season: 66-16 NBA Champions
Darius Miles (Ex Blazer Free Agent)
Patrick O’Bryant (Ex Warrior Free Agent)
J.R Giddens (Draft)
Bill Walker (Draft)
P.J Brown (Retirement)
James Posey (Signed with Hornets)

Best Player- Kevin Garnett. Expect Garnett to have another all round marvellous season. One of the most durable players in the game he is the glue to everything that Boston achieves offensively and defensively. Expect his numbers to be around the 20-10 with stellar defence and all-round intensity fueling the Celtics fire. Special mention to Paul Peirce who carried the Celtics so many times in the playoffs last season when Garnett and Allen where cold.

Offence: No problems here the Celtics can get 30+ from any of Garnett, Peirce or Allen. Peirce is one of the finest all round offensive players in the game and will once again be relied upon as the go to guy late in the game. Allen is one of the best 3 Point shooters in NBA history and after struggling in the playoffs early, came to life in the finals and was a crucial piece.

Defence: Amazing team defence is really the key to the Celtic success. Much credit needs to be given to assistant Coach Tom Thibodeau for transforming this team into a defensive beast.

Play making: Rajon Rondo surprised everyone except his team mates last season. He is a stellar defender and underrated passer. His jumper can be scratchy but he seemed to make all the important ones. Returning for another year is Sam Cassell. Will turn 39 during the season, but ad's instant offence and steady ball handling of the bench. Expect him to play limited minutes during the regular season then stepping up in the post season. Eddie house will also spend some time at the point and his dead eye outside shot will be handy.

What's Missing: James Posey's clutch shooting and great defence. He was a key for the Celtics and will be sorely missed. Darius Miles has been signed to help relieve his loss. The drafting of Gidden's should also help, he is an extremely athletic wing that should develop quickly. Bill Walker is a world class athlete but injuries cut him down at Kansas State, if the body comes good will be a second round steal.

Who's underrated: Kendrick Perkin's has improved every year in the league. His lane clogging will be relied upon heavily this season will no clear backup centre on the roster as yet, he is statistically quiet but wil be a key to the Celtics season.

Prognosis: Baring luck with injury this team is going to go very deep into the playoffs. A high 50 win season is most probable although I do expect them to have some injury problems with their aging line-up. They will battle Lebron in the East finals and depending on James’s supporting should get out of the east again.

Prediction: NBA Champions

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